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Meet the Gang

Freddie Fox

Young and playful with a huge sense of adventure and positive attitude. Freddie is a character it is impossible not to love!


Read the book before reading this description about the characters…

Frankie Fox

Freddie's sister… enjoys eating strawberries and playing with her brother, misses him when he gets lost.


The fastest runner in the pack, Frankie thinks he's evil for trying to kill them but we know that it is the humans who are hunting for pleasure and Hunter Hound is just following his instincts.


The hero of the book! Pops up just in time to save Freddie's skin and pull him to safety…


Distant cousin of Marley and very surprised to find a fox stuck underground!


It is very unfair of us to see him as an angry man… 'cause most of us would be angry if something stole our food… however when he got home and told the story of the fox stealing his chicken to his three children, they laughed so much they fell out of bed! It is now his favourite story and one of the best things that has ever happened to him!


Based near Brixton in Brockwell park these foxes like to believe they own the place and don't want Freddie muscling in on their territory. Really we shouldn't hate them but feel sorry for them… if they had been a bit more friendly they would have realised what a cool fox Freddie is… so they missed out on having a new friend.


Roxy was hanging out with the BROCKWELL CREW but didn't like the way they treated Freddie so thought she'd go and see if he was ok… Knows what it feels like to be an outsider cause her parents emigrated from America to London.


The smartest character in the book, with a memory of every place in Britain and kind enough to give his time to help.

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