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Here's a few of the comments that came back from those who bought the book.


'Sophia and I are loving Freddie Fox for our bedtime story... tonight Sophia said 'Mummy I like this one, I want to read it forever'

Katie Morley


'A beautifully illustrated children's book of both contemporary and timeless values. A book for all children...'

Mark Golding


'An evocative and wonderful tale about Freddie Fox which both my boys (age 3 and 5) continue to be enthralled by.'

Nicky Aisher


'I bought the book before a family meal and ended up showing the whole family. We all sat round the dining table passing it between each other, in awe of the colourful, stunning illustrations and the charming story. Freddie Fox is something which can be appreciated and enjoyed by young and old alike - just ask my grandma!'

Livvii Edwards


'I wanted to share my appreciation for your work and of course pass on my children's immediate love of it. They have gobbled up the Freddie Fox book three times today, like the best candy ever. Stella read it to Simon in bed to hush him off to sleep. Stella's blown away by your illustrations and has picked all of her favourite details (the gesture and stance of the butcher's hand, and the close up of the shoe in the urban scene being among her faves) We were all tickled by the rolling lilt of the words that matched the paintings so well.'

Barbara Blakey


'Freddie fox is a wonderful, heart opening story. The fast paced twists and turns take us on a journey of awe and wonder; one minute rollicking in the bounty of the countryside and the next skulking around the gritty city of London rooting for Freddie's survival. Beautifully written and fabulously illustrated. I loved it as much as my 4 year old. Samira Harris is a genius!'

Lianne Campbell


'A masterwork of brilliant artistry and the most beautiful storytelling, that came to life through heartfelt dedication. This is a great book.'

Felicitas Feigl


Freddie Fox is a beautifully crafted labour of Love. An adventure of thrills, and surprises, hopes and fears, fun and scrapes, weaving a message of Love and connection with characters who really come to life!'

Carl Youri


'My three year old son wanted to read this every night.'

Alison David


'Freddie Fox is utterly adorable and now I wish I'd asked you to dedicated the copy I bought yesterday to me as I am going to have to keep it and buy another one for Aiden! I think it should be billed as a story for children from 2 - 102! Huge congratulations.'

Tig Savage


'Ave loves the book, thanks!' Sally King


'It looks and reads wonderfully, so funny too! I absolutely love it! Well done you!'

Jo Jacobs


'I just thought I'ld let you know that my 4 yr old daughter thoroughly loved your performance at the GIVE festival! She even saw your photo on another flying for a different festival and cut it out saying we must send it to you! So Well Done - it was an amazing performance!!!'

Bridgette Radhe


'Freddie fox will bring anyone short tall big or small great happiness! The best illustrated and written book of its kind I have read!'

Sonny Green


'Freddie Fox is for children of all ages! Everyone should have a copy!'

Siva Tuva


"A remarkable fox tale that explores the issues of class, persecution, adventure, bravery and love, dressed beautifully with illustrations by the author, that really is for everyone. A true gem amongst precious stones."

Simon Welsh


'Maybe I am biased because I love foxes, but this book must be one of my favourite pieces of children’s fiction. It has everything. We are taken on a journey full of wonder with many exciting twists in the tale. Each page is a dazzling feast for the eyes and there is always more to discover on a future reading. It is both fun and educational, and the rhymed storyline keeps a perfect pace. What’s more, children and adults love it.'

Clive Hedger


'Such a wonderful creation full of colour and adventure! Everyone should have a read!'

Jasmine Glover


'I love this book!'

Damian Wood


'A wonderfully illustrated, exhilarating children's book filled with magic and meaning that all can take something from.'

Lexa Fox


'The labour of love and imaginative brainchild of an artist captured by the zeitgeist and passionate about her work. Freddie Fox will continue to go from strength to strength as he leaps from Harris' imagination via spoken word and bounds across the page in colourful exuberance. Animation will only serve to breathe more life and energy into a wonderful creature that really deserves a full and happy life. Art with style, panache and meaning that will enchant children and adults alike and captures the magic of a brilliant creative mind.'

Andy Black


'A beautiful contemporary classic which children (and adults) will enjoy for years to come.'

Kate Murdoch


'My 4yr old continues to be fully charged with the Freddie fox tale, so much so that her dedication to a princess birthday was surpassed by a fox theme. Exhilarating illustrations and story, I highly recommend.' Janee Swan


'It looks and reads wonderfully, so funny too! I absolutely love it!'

Jo Heather Jacobs


'This book makes me wish I was a kid again. Luckily I'm a big kid. The illustration is wacky!'

Magnus Agugu

'Freddie Fox is a great story, written in rhyme, skillfully told, wonderfully illustrated, and for young and old... And my godson loves it!'

Carinan Blij


'An exhilarating, exciting tale filled with wonder and the most beautiful, magical illustrations - truly inspirational and original, it deserves to be a success.'

Claudine Ernstzen


'This is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous.'

Moira Love


'I keep it on my coffee table and have wandered into the room several times to find various adult friends either halfway through or near the end. Freddie Fox reminds me what I liked about illustrated stories when I was a child.'

Charlie Kininmonth


'We met Freddie in September and it was an experience we will never forget. Beautiful book full of vibrant messages. Kids & adults love it.'

Kat Dancer


'I loved the book.'

Sarah Khanna


'Fantastic and beautiful, a true labour of love becomes a play of love! Love the rhythm, love the rhyme, let's all settle down, it's story time!'

Marcus O'Reilly


'I've so grown in love with the book, the story and characters, the wisdom and poetry, and the love emanating from it! Thank you for birthing such a treasure for children, no matter the age!'

Aum Matuka


'An immediately vibrant and involving book. Superb illustrations that ooze bright life.'

Shakeel Sari


'Enchanting and captivating...'

Jane Saunders


'Such a moving, heart touching journey and adventure. Bursting with incredible colourful illustrations that leave you inspired. Perfect for all children, however old, even the child inside us older ones!' Lara Ilona Klein-Barge


I absolutely love Freddie fox!! Inspiring story and beautifully crafted illustrations...a heart warming creation.' Gina Torres'

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